Excursion to Borjomi


Borjomi is a resort with picturesque nature, which is known to the whole world with the same name mineral water. There are several dozens of historical and architectural monuments in and around the city. Excursion to Borjomi from the company 995.Travel will help to get acquainted with the sights of the area.

Trip program


We leave Tbilisi in the morning, the road to Borjomi will take about 2 hours. Getting to this place will begin with a walk through the city park. Here you will visit the source of the famous mineral water. After that, you will find Vardzia - a unique historical complex of the XII-XIII centuries, located about 70 km from Borjomi. This ancient city-monastery is one of the most outstanding monuments of medieval Georgian architecture. It is carved into a sheer rock of tuff.


The next stop of your route is the medieval Rabat fortress, which is located in the city of Akhaltsikhe. Here you will see interesting historical buildings, including temples, Jakeli castle and citadel. After a busy excursion day, you return to Tbilisi.


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