"Many thanks to the agency 995.Travel and personally to Alina for an unforgettable trip to Georgia. Our trip was intense, but the tour program was very carefully thought out according to our preferences. In four days we received a lot of impressions, visited Tbilisi and the surrounding area, spent two of the day in Kakheti, and even managed to visit wine tastings at several factories. I especially want to note the hospitality and care of the host country. We were accompanied by wonderful guides, thanks to whom, Georgia appeared before us throughout the beauty of unforgettable landscapes, the grandeur of ancient monasteries and the unforgettable atmosphere of Georgian feasts. We will definitely return to this wonderful country for new impressions and positive emotions along with 995.Travel "


Olga Sadovskaya, Moscow


"The acquaintance with Georgia began in the evening, with the hospitable Hotel Rooms, the magnificent view of Kazbek, the fresh mountain air and the feeling that right now in your hands you hold the chance to overcome all the difficulties that jumped into the backpack and ride on you. In the morning you will enjoy the most delicious breakfast, a warm company of friends and a lot of impressions. I don’t want to sleep at all, my head is full of thoughts to see and fit into a short vacation. The choice is not easy, we were waited for the most delicious Georgian dishes: Khinkali, Ajapsandali, Khachapuri and lots of sights Any taste: old Tbilisi, Mtskheta, Shardin, Sulfur baths and the peak of Kazbek. The most powerful and most unforgettable impression awaited us at the summit of Kazbek when you understand that beauty and strength have joined together and a piece of this power will remain with you forever. Thanks to the warm friendly reception, Georgia revealed by the breadth of tradition, culture and talent. Leaving the country you catch yourself thinking that you will definitely come back to learn more, see and feel. "


Vladimir Shulga, Moscow


"Georgia is amazingly beautiful) People, mountains, food ... I am still under the impression of openness, spiritual generosity (and not only spiritual!)), Hospitality, regularity, tranquility, abundance of tastes and smells! rhythm, that's all the drawbacks of such breakouts, getaways and escapes)) #kakdalchetozhit)) We really liked it! pleasant Tbilisi evenings)) Tina is just fire! We are very good forged that home to people and empty-handed, and she let us learn to sculpt and feed us)) Katie is also very magical, and we somehow set foot, wanted to thank her too, and did not orient ... We'll have to go back)))) (or send sweets) Thank you enormously, the whole journey took place in such a silent discussion with us - we are not relatives and strangers to them!?!?)) So everything was sincere! Write me Vovin an address where you can surprise by sending a package with vobla and candy send? We will return, it is unequivocal) "


Asya Leontyeva, Cheboksary


"In the spring, my family was lucky to finally visit Georgia, where we had been going for a long time, and I am very glad that we did this with 995travel. First, we enjoyed the individual approach, which was expressed in the selection of interesting places for us visits (Kakheti, wine route, more than usual, Tbilisi, Kazbek), and in changing the pre-planned route in favor of something else that was solved quickly and without problems. For us it was the most important, because we rested with 2 small children, and I was still on the 7th month - there is a need for maximum flexibility and the ability to quickly change something without prejudice to the “big picture.” Secondly, the logistics were simply flawless, ranging from transfer to / from the airport, settling in hotels, and ending with an excellent driver and tour guide always and everywhere were on time! For Georgia (forgive me), everyone worked in a European way clearly and harmoniously! And finally, although we were in absentia in love with Georgia before the start of our journey, we really fell in love with it during this very visit because there were people with us who love howl work and his country with passion, but it can not infect. "


Evgenia, Moscow


"Thank you for the superbly organized tour for us on April 24. Wonderful tour guide !!! It was interesting and most importantly - not boring !!! Tasty, informative and fun, and in addition, Kakha, who accompanied us, offered an excellent restaurant, where we celebrated his Day Birth! It turned out to be a very rich program! Sure that we will return to Georgia and we will definitely turn to you + we will definitely advise you to your friends. See you soon! "


Ekaterina Makhlina, Moscow


"Our dream is Georgia, came true on 04/26/2017 and lasted until 30/04/2017. The impressions would not have been so colorful if we had not chosen the company, where a great team of professionals was formed. We were The ideal program of our trip was compiled. Since it was a corporate party of top managers of 13 people, the program had to combine elements of team building, an educational tour and a comfortable time spent in it, this was done by a wonderful team led by Alina. Georgia was shown to us so that everyone the desire to return there. Let's not forget this quantity and quality of food, twice a day just a “wedding banquet!” I really liked the master class of the Georgian mistress in making khinkali and khachapuri, received a huge energy charge and realized that it was difficult to make khinkali correctly. wines, Georgian polyphony, making churchkhela and baking bread in the oven is only part of a wonderful program. I would particularly like to mention the driver who counted our arrival time on the spot, taking into account the playlist Alina chose for us we incendiary danced in his super minivan under color music! Our accompanying person is a find of all the useful information about Georgia and, in general, an interesting and patient conversationalist, and our super guide was able to understand the interests of the group and colorfully tell everything! Thank you so much for the amazing trip! We will definitely return to you! "


Yulia Ippolitova, Financial Director, Systems and Communications, Moscow


"I want to share my emotions from traveling around Georgia and from exploring Alina, a stunning, energetic, in love with her business, the owner of the travel agency" Travel Bureau in Georgia 995 ", a solid person who is fond of, not for a second, standing still and working on her with perfection !!! With Alina and her team I have traveled a huge number of fabulous places in Georgia: Kakheti, Sighnaghi (city of love), Bodbi monastery, Alaverdi monastery, Chavchavadze manor, in Nekressia !! Dovari, Mtskheta, Shato Mukhrani and Hareba winery, the ancient settlement of Uplistsikhe in Gori and the magnificent Zhinvalskoye reservoir !!! Whatever place I came at every moment I felt how much Alina lives with her work and literally re-lives with every guest his emotions !!! Of course, visiting sights could not do without delicious restaurants and Georgian chants and dances !!!! Impeccable organization, best guides and impeccable service !!! When I think about what I liked the most, I answer myself that everything, absolutely everything, and feel warm again about this deep, very warm girl who puts all her soul into her offspring !!! I wish Alina and her Travel Bureau new heights, meetings with new people and I am sure that no one who visited Georgia with Alina will remain indifferent and will not want to not return again to the country of life, as they call Georgia !!!! "

Tatyana Yankova, Moscow


"Thank you for the quality product, our excursions. All the guides were different - at the first guide we were visiting, she took care of us as dear relatives, the second guide was easy and drove us around the city as a local who they asked for directions, and she led us along the famous winding streets of Tbilisi. Your special mountain guide and Kazbegi - they are made for each other, this is a very masculine route and a beautiful excursion! "


Maria Kabanenko, Omsk


"We dreamed of visiting Georgia and here we are :) Georgia impressed us with its beauty, holy places and people! I want to express my deep gratitude to Alina, for your personal approach to each person and with what love you organized our unforgettable tour! Thank you for the guide who felt us and made these days happy for us! We will definitely come back with our children. So that they can enjoy, just like us! Thank you again very much for this happiness and spiritual joy! "


Anna Kruglova, Moscow


“It’s just a miracle, we were so fed up with the energy and strength of your country, we have so many positive emotions that we want to move mountains! Thank you very much! And a special, infinite thanks for our guide! This is a diamond!)) It is incomparable and it is the best thing that happened to us when communicating with people of its profession! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I will tell everyone for a long time and strongly advise. visit Georgia and only through you! "


Elena Malakhova, Moscow


"Dear ones, thank you for the excellent and professional organization of our trip to Georgia! Thanks to you, Georgia remained in our hearts forever! Special thanks to the guide and driver !! their love for the country was passed on and we want to come back again !! we send you a huge heart for all all all !!!! "

Ksenia Al-Sagir, Moscow


"Today is exactly one month since we returned from Georgia, where we celebrated our silver wedding (25 years together, with extraordinary, better years !!!). Since we were married in Georgia, it was also very logical to celebrate our anniversary in Georgia too! Alina was a factor in this decision. If it were not for her and our full confidence in her and her taste and her team, we would not have decided on it! It was the best, most unforgettable 3 days! they asked: are you not nervous, are you so relaxed? How could I burn vat, if everything was done just perfect! We then found out how many problems Alina had to solve, we didn’t know anything at all, everything was done in such a way that we would get the most pleasure. before the event! Everything was just unbelievable! Alina found the best leader, Igor Wernik, you are the best! Emma M You are incredible, talented, success to you! all our guests! And this is all thanks to Alina! In short, brides, anniversaries, in general, everyone who is going to Georgia, you simply must contact! You will have an unforgettable holiday! Thank you, Alinochka! You are the best! Love, appreciate! I already miss you and think what anniversary to think up in order to come to Tbilisi as soon as possible. "

Inna Eloy, New York


"Well, it seems that all the emotions have subsided and I am ready to write about how it was. I occasionally watch Vlag Alexander Kondrashov on YouTube, he shoots about traveling, there I saw just awesome vidosiki about Georgia, and since this is an old dream, I’m I paid special attention. The tour was organized by the wonderful girl Alina, so I also decided to turn to her. After we agreed on the program of our trip, you could turn off your head and just tune in to where you can get a second stomach and a second liver). Alina has everything about Thoughtfully, a bit of the soul was put in everything. Everything was perfect !! She killed us right away only when we entered our hotel room. The idea to ride the cable car to enjoy the view of the night Tbilisi disappeared immediately, this view was straight from our room. There are only 3-4 rooms on the floor in the hotel, there is no history of "Turkish olinklyuziv" at breakfast and crowds of people with plates, very attentive staff. They gave us money for a taxi, we knew that we hadn’t had time to change, we just gave it even asked. Further, according to the plan was a day in the mountains, where I almost died of beauty. All day we moved to the locations and returned after midnight. We were not limited in time at all, it was possible to correct the route at any time, the guide clearly monitored the mood and could offer something else. So I improved the health of the chic chacha in one family restaurant. Where we had dinner, the prices are ridiculous. About our dinner cost us 1200 p. with Khinkali, Chacha, Khachapuri, salads (for 4 people). The second day was completely different, we went to the Alazani Valley, walked around the small towns and, of course, tasted the wine. In general, comrades, we do not have Georgian wine in general !!! I bought myself a few bottles of this, according to Georgians

kvevri technology, drink for 50 le. Export of such wine goes only to 5 countries! And one copy is not exported at all. The rest of the wine is made according to European technology, but this is not the case. On day 3, we walked around Mtskheta, ate tasty, then walked through the old town and went to the sulfur baths. In general, come and see for yourself, this country is exactly in the top for a visit! "


Tatyana Kryuchkova, Moscow


"We would like to thank you very much for a perfectly organized vacation! Everything was great - the organization, the team working with us, all the details. So we will definitely return again, maybe when it gets warmer and sunny) We will recommend you all! And pass on the great Thanks to the whole team. Hug! "


Natalya Ignatovich, Moscow


" Just came home from a wonderful 14 day trip to the country of Georgia, organized for us by Georgia is a great destination with much to see and experience - rich in historic sites, nature, traditions, food, wine, art, well meaning people. The country is very unspoiled and new to tourism so having a good professional agency hosting you in that country is very important. Your team are very efficient. Our very attentive guide spent all those 14 days making our trip memorable and comfortable. They were always in touch and supported by the owner of the company whose networking abilities all over the country provided us with access to most the unique experiences - private vineyards, small exclusive hotels, attentive sevice everywhere. Strongly recommending this agency to all our friends and to anyone planning a trip to this fun and beautiful country. New York, USA "


Eliot and Alla Belenkov


"Thank you for everything, as well as for the fact that every time we fall in love with Georgia again and again. And each trip is different, exciting and unique. You are great fellows! Good luck and success in everything!"


Keleberdenko Anna, Astana


"Thank you so much for organizing our little trip! And I want to say a special thank you for recommending the restaurant) had a great time! And ate a delicious meal!"

Sugarova Madina, Moscow


" Good afternoon! It was sad to leave Georgia, even the children. We really liked it, thank you! Now we recommend you to your friends."




"Many thanks to the company 995.Travel, which made our weekend in Georgia unforgettable. It was interesting for us and the children!"