City Tour in Tbilisi


Tbilisi city tour from 995.Travel is an opportunity to get closer to the capital of Georgia, to feel its atmosphere and see the unique sights. An experienced guide of the company 995.Travel will guide you through the streets of this hospitable city.


City Tour Program


Your tour will begin on the square near the theater Gabriadze. Further path will run along the ancient city streets to the first square of Tbilisi, which was once the main shopping center of the city. The next point of the city tour is sulfur baths. The complex was built in the XVII – XIX centuries on natural sulfur sources. Today it occupies the whole quarter of Tbilisi. Neat dome baths, decorated in oriental style, barely rise above the ground.


Then you will pass through the Fig-tree gorge, through which a small but turbulent river flows. During the tour, you will also climb the Tbilisi cable car. At the top of the route is the Narikala Fortress - an ancient complex that existed already in the 4th century. The Tbilisi city tour program is designed for approximately 3.5 hours.


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